May 7, 2011:
The girls are doing AWESOME! They are about to have their first birthday. They both weigh around 14 pounds and are in excellent health. Both are doing very well in their crates during the day, sleeping all the way until we come home and let them out. No accidents! We have noticed that they rarely drink anything in the morning. They probably know they will be in the crate during the day, so they are careful about what they drink. They drink plenty when we get home and all evening, so they are just fine.

February 2011:
Our girls are really growing up! They're both around 13 lbs. and are VERY healthy and happy. This photo was taken upon leaving a wonderful dog park in Dallas. We had been to the new dog park in Allen a couple of times, but didn't like the wood-chip substrate there. The girls wanted to eat it! This dog park (located off the Tollway and Keller Springs) had wonderful, clean grass and lots of dogs and their owners. The girls had a blast!

So, to update you on their progress, both are FINALLY settling down a bit. Yes, they still have crazy periods, but they are fewer and far between. Right now, both are in their playpen area, sitting on their luxurious DoggieSnooze bed, on pillows FROM THE COUCH, resting like little angels. GOD IS GOOD! :-)