We try to take the girls (or the Girl Friendlies, as Chris calls them) on a walk every day. They have been walking since we got them at 6 weeks old.
We say, "Do you wanna go for a walk????" and they LIGHT UP! They love it! Chris calls their harnesses, their "supersuits". They know when he's getting their supersuits that it's time for a walk. After watching a bazillion episodes of the Dog Whisperer, we have to agree...without exercise FIRST, discipline SECOND and affection THIRD, things get messed up.

When the girls are not in their crates resting, they love to sit on the couch by us and chew Nylabones. Earlier, when they were teething they liked the hard bones. Now, they like the rubbery Nylabones. The only thing I don't like about them is that they chew so hard that shavings come off of them (and they probably swallow some of them!).

Aubrey is a "fetcher". She LOVES to bring you a stuffed toy and then wants you to throw it for her. She will then run off, get the toy and bring it back to you. When she brings it back, we say "Leave it!" and she will let it go. But, sometimes, she will keep a paw on it and try to snap at it when you try to grab it from her. So, we started saying, "Step Back!" and don't you know, SHE DOES! Sooooooo cute!

Also, the girls love to play with anything that you would normal stick in the Recycling bin. In fact, they like bottle caps, cottage cheese containers and stuff like that more than store-bought toys!