Welcome to my blog!

I decided to create a blog to share what it was like to raise two female black pugs from the same litter. There have been trials, but the blessings abound.
Well, the girls are about to have their FIRST birthday! It's hard to believe we have had this them long already. :-)

Ana and Aubrey at one year (May 12, 2011)!

Today's Topic: Bathing
We bathe our girls once a week in our bathtub with Buddy Wash. It is an awesome conditioning shampoo that smells heavenly! Their coats are gorgeous! We also purchased an inexpensive handheld shower for the tub (at Wal-Mart for $8), so we could rinse them easily. It is AWESOME! Our vet says it is good to wash your dog once a week and even though people say it will dry out their skin, it's not true. With a good, healthy diet and good conditioning shampoo, once a week is perfect!