What We Feed Them

As of May 7, 2011

Breakfast at 6 am:
1/3 cups homemade "Slop" (93/7 organic ground turkey, brown rice, green beans, peas, carrots, bonemeal and olive oil) - RECIPE, BELOW.
1/8 cup Organix (brand) kibble (made by Castor and Pollox)
1 t. organic, non-fat, plain yogurt
1 t. "The Missing Link" powder for Adult Dogs

Dinner at 5:45 pm:
1/3 cups homemade "Slop" (organic ground turkey, brown rice, green beans, peas, carrots, bonemeal and olive oil) - RECIPE, BELOW.
1/4 cup Organix (brand) kibble (made by Castor and Pollox)
1 T. organic canned pumkin
1/4 t. Emulsified, mint-flavored fish oil

For other snacks, they have wheat and corn free biscuits with unsweetened, natural peanut butter, any kind of fruit or veggie (they love them all!).
For going into their crates, a chunk of chicken breast or cheese.


Homemade "Slop"This recipe lasts for two weeks for two 14-pound pugs.
4 lbs. 93/7 organic ground turkey cooked in 2 T olive oil, drained
3 bags frozen brown rice (I use the Steamers)
1 bag frozen whole premium green beans
4 carrots, washed and cut into small chunks
1 bag frozen peas
4 additional T. of Extra-Virgin olive oil
2 t. bone meal

In a large stock pot, warm 2 T olive oil.
Add ground turkey and cook on medium until fully cooked. Drain off liquids.
Add brown rice packages and continue to cook on medium and stir until rice is defrosted.
Put green beans, carrots, and peas in another large pot.
Add 1 1/2 cups of water to the veggies and cook on stove on medium-high heat.
Cover and stir often. When veggies are soft, mash with potato masher. Drain off any additional fluid.
Add mashed veggies to meat/rice mixture, and stir in 4 T. olive oil and bone meal.
Separate into containers and freeze for future use.

Cost of "slop":
4 lbs of Organic ground turkey @ $2.88 per pound (Harvestland brand -- I get it at Wal-Mart. It's organic. No hormones, etc.) 
3 bags of frozen Birdseye Steam Fresh brown rice @ $1 per bag
1 bag of frozen peas @ .88 cents
1 bag of premium whole green beans (from Aldi) @ $1.49
3 large fresh carrots @ < $1
2 t. bonemeal (this comes from a lb. container of it that we paid about $10 for - Now Foods brand)
3-4 T. olive oil

So, for 2 weeks for two pugs, the slop costs about $18-19. It makes approximately 56 (1/3 cup) meals for my two pugs. It's about 34 cents a meal.

We also buy Organix kibble and we use 3/4 of a cup total, for both girls, per day. They each get 1/8 cup for breakfast and 1/4 cup for dinner. It's fairly expensive, but it's corn and wheat free and made of all organic stuff.

The yogurt (Stoneyfield Farms Oikos Organic Non-fat plain) is $3.99 per container (at Wal-Mart) and we give each girl a bit more than 1 t. per day. One container lasts more than a week. This is a probiotic, which is excellent for their digestive system.

The organic pumpkin we give them I got on Amazon.com for $1 a can. I bought two cases of it for $24 (free shipping). We use less than a can a week. This is supposed to prevent anal gland issues and gas. I would say our girls RARELY have any gas.

The Missing Link powder can be purchased cheaper than this: The Missing Link
We use only 1 t. per dog per day. It lasts a long time! We keep it refrigerated. This substance is FILLED with wonderful stuff -- Omegas and such. Read about it. A friend of ours also started using it about 8 months ago with her 5 year old pug and she said his coat has never been softer.

Basically we put the ground meat in a stock pot with a few T of olive oil until cooked. Then, we drain off the small amount of fat. We microwave the rice packets and then add them to the cooked meat.
In another pot, we cook the veggies in a couple of cups of water (with the top on) until they cook down well. I mash them up with a pastry cutter (yes! It works great!) and then dump them into the meal/rice. We add a couple more T. of olive oil and the bone meal and stir together well. Then, we portion them into Rubbermaid containers (like 5 or 6 cup) and freeze all but the one we will use next. Every time we start a new container, we put a frozen one into the fridge to thaw out. It works WONDERFULLY!

We are giving our girls as much organic as we can, but I'm sure you don't HAVE to do that. I just hope it will save on vet bills down the road and keep them healthier and feeling better (and trimmer!)